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Purpose and Scope

As an international business with vendors, suppliers, and representatives from all over the world, Malaya Glass Products Sdn Bhd (also known as O-I BJC) has a responsibility to trade ethically and with the highest integrity.  The people with whom we deal, and in particular our vendors, suppliers, and their representatives, are required to adopt practices and operate in strict accordance with this Supplier Code of Conduct.  The Supplier Code of Conduct clarifies our expectations in the areas of employment standard, compliance and ethics, health, safety and environment and management systems.  All our vendors, suppliers and their representatives are required to sign a copy of this Supplier Code of Conduct to signify their understanding and full compliance with its requirements.

The Supplier Code of Conduct must also be read and understood by all employees of O-I BJC (in Procurement and other departments) who deal with suppliers.

Business Conduct Principles

A. Employment Standard 

1. Child and Involuntary Labour

Suppliers must not use any form of child, forced, involuntary or debt bonded labour. Employees of suppliers shall adhere to the minimum employment age limit defined by national law or regulation.

2. Employment Status

Suppliers shall employ employees who are legally authorized to work in their premises and facilities and are responsible for validating the employees' work status eligibility through appropriate documentation. 

Supplier shall ensure that any contract or foreign labour, whether employed in their own premises or contracted to work in O-I BJC’s premises, is fully compliant with all government requirements.  The Supplier is responsible for validating such compliance through appropriate documentation.

B. Compliance & Ethics

1. Compliance with Law

Suppliers' business activities shall comply with applicable laws and regulations in the countries and jurisdictions in which they operate.

2. Conflict of Interest

A supplier should avoid situations that create, or create the appearance of, a potential conflict of interest with O-I BJC's employees.  A conflict of interest exists when an employee's private interests, including personal, social, and financial, interfere in any way with the employee's obligations to act in the best interest of O-I BJC.

3. Gifts and Entertainment

In line with O-I BJC’s no gift policy, suppliers shall not give gifts to employees.  An employee may not accept anything in excess of RM40.00 in value (RM100.00 in value cumulative for one calendar year), or any favours or inducements from any supplier.  Acceptance of gifts of cash or cash equivalents, including stock, bonds, options or similar items, regardless of the amount, is strictly and unequivocally prohibited.

Entertainment is limited to business meals.

Gifts and entertainment in this policy is defined as anything given as a result of a business relationship for which the employee does not pay fair market value.  This includes things such as meals, material goods, travel and accommodations, tickets to sporting or cultural events, golf outings, concerts and any other merchandise or services.

4. Anti-Bribery / Corruption

O-I BJC is committed to uphold by all applicable laws and regulations to prevent bribery and corruption wherever we do business. 

Supplier is prohibited from offering, paying, soliciting, or receiving (whether directly or indirectly) any form of bribe as an inducement or reward for any business transaction with or involving O-I BJC.  The term 'bribe' broadly includes any illicit advantage such as (but is not limited to) cash, cash equivalents, property, loans, commissions, services, benefits in kind or other advantages.

5. Intellectual Property

Suppliers shall not engage in any activities which infringe the intellectual property rights of O-I BJC. Supplier is prohibited to use O-I BJC logos, trademarks, legal entity names, or any form of intellectual property for marketing and advertisement purposes in their business.

The use of any O-I BJC intellectual property which includes transfer of technology and know-how, trademarks and/or any copyright materials is strictly prohibited unless written consent/authorization has been obtained from O-I BJC.

6. Protecting Company Information

Suppliers should protect the confidential information of O-I BJC.  Suppliers who have been given access to confidential information as part of the business relationship shall not share this information with anyone unless authorized to do so in writing by O-I BJC.  Such information must not be used for personal gain.

C. Health, Safety & Environment

7. Health & Safety

While in our premises, Supplier must comply with all applicable health and safety laws, regulations and standards, and company policies, and remain under the supervision of an O-I BJC employee at all times.  

Consistent with such laws, regulations, standards and policies, Supplier shall take appropriate actions such as formulating policies, standards, procedures, contingency measures and management systems in order to prevent occupational illnesses and work-related accidents and to provide a safe and healthy workplace to its employees.

8. Environment

Supplier must comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards. Suppliers are responsible for managing, measuring and minimizing their environmental impact which includes air emissions, waste water, and hazardous substances.

D. Management System

1. Documentation & Records

Suppliers must keep accurate records of all matters related to O-I BJC in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

2. Audit & Assessment

O-I BJC and its designated agents may conduct facility inspection and a review of supplier's records and business practices in compliance with this Supplier Code of Conduct.  If an audit identifies a violation of this Code, suppliers shall act promptly to correct the situation to O-I BJC's satisfaction.

3. Report Suspected Violations of the Code

Supplier's employees may report (i) suspected violations of this Code or (ii) possible illegal or unethical conduct by an O-I BJC employee to O-I BJC's 'In-Touch' hotline at 1-800816-118 (Malaysia toll free) or email OIBJCMaIaysiaCares@getintouch.com.  All such reports are treated as confidential.

Any Supplier found to have violated the Supplier Code of Conduct will be given the opportunity to respond to the non-compliances or violations.  Supplier will have to bear the following consequences, depending on the severity of the non-compliances or violations, warning or termination of business with O-I BJC.





Last update January 2016